OneVoice Blog - strengthening Palestinian and Israeli moderates

OneVoice has launched a weblog. OneVoice is an amazing organization -- a movement, really, in the best sense of that term -- that seeks to mobilize the moderate majority of Israelis and Palestinians to find a workable path to peaceful coexistence through honorable compromise. OneVoice is a pragmatic effort to reclaim the public debate from the radical extremists, built around broad participation on both the Israeli and Palestinian sides. The great virtue of OneVoice is its pragmatism, expressed through on-the-ground actions. At the moment, for example, OneVoice is conducting a first-ever get-out-the-vote campaign in the Palestinian Authority. They are about to start running a 1-minute ad on Palestinian television that features the amazing trio of (1) Sheikh Taysir al Tamimi, the Chief Palestinian Islamic Justice, (2) Father Attallah Hanna, the Patriarchite of the Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem, and (3) Richard Gere. Sheikh Tamimi proclaims in the ad that it is a "religious and a national commandment" for Palestinians to participate in the upcoming elections.

My commandment: put the OneVoice weblog on your daily reading list, and think about what you can do to help.